Customer Testimonial | Ryan MacNeil

Ryan had been suffering from sciatic nerve damage ranging from his back, down through his hip. After nearly 12 months of sleepless nights, Ryan turned to Hemp House “Hand Sauce” – our CBD topical salve.

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Our Product

Is made from nine natural ingredients, while also being sourced, crafted and packaged right here in the USA. Containing 250mg of Colorado Grown Hemp CBD, our lotion packs the power of the flower in it’s coconut oil based blend.

  • Feels Like: Heaven
  • Smells Like: Cacao Butter
  • Looks Like: A Great Idea

250mg CBD Salve

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"After my ACL surgery, Hemp House CBD rub was the only treatment that would satisfy my body's cry. I would apply before physical therapy and it would help carry me through my rehab!"
Joe Fimiani

Hemp House Customer